Other Angles

f-d 1d577b8c63618ce7c8b5dc5673c56ed10b5cec0474b52f78fa87501a+IMAGE_TINY+IMAGE_TINY.1As previously mentioned, Popular Culture is a very broad field of research. [GotPop] covers, entirely, partially or tangentially, many of  the most common  forms, themes, channels and theories regarding Popular Culture research, but naturally there are many other aspects of this rich area which, at least at the present moment, cannot be dealt with in our research network. The list below reflects some of the common categories of Popular Culture that can be found at various Popular Culture associations, but which fall outside of the [GotPop] purview in its present form. The links provided, though not necessarily the most representative for these areas, are intended as a starting point for further exploration (some are links to websites, some to Journals, others to University Departments, etc):

If you have any tips, comments or suggestions on further categories that could be added here, or if you have suggestions for links to the above categories that you think should be included, feel free to contact Joe or Houman.

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